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  Finding quality information on Fantasy Football is very important to manage your team well. Fantasy sports are very compeitive.  A fantasy football manager needs up-to-date information on NFL injury reports, Player Rankings, and Players news.

  Fantasy Football is incredibly fun just to play, but it would be nice to win.  Please review our articles on NFL Injury reports as well as our Player Rankings and weekly columns.  This is our second year of hosting a fantasy football website, but we would like to make it a site that truly benefits the fantasy sports world. Please look at the NFL Injury page.  Our weekly columns section, our player rankings and players news are good to help set your fantasy football lineup.

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1. KEVIN SMITH (RB):   Smith had his ups and downs during his rookie season and I’m sure it didn’t help that he played for a team that went winless for the first time in NFL history; however he did show that he possesses solid RB skills which in my opinion makes for a great #2 fantasy RB.  The thing I like about him the most is the fact that he has very little competition to take carries away from him so he will play on all downs and will probably get all goal line opportunities as well.  The question you have to ask yourself as a fantasy owner is how much better the Lions will be this season compared to last season.  It is my opinion that they will be better and be committed to running the ball.  With WR Calvin Johnson and rookie TE Pettigrew, defenses will have to account for those players and thus leave only 7 men in the box to defend against Smith.  It is for this reason that I believe he makes for a great sleeper in most drafts.

 2.  DERRICK WARD (RB):   Ward was part of a 3-headed monster in New York last season and performed very well when given a chance.  He signed with Tampa Bay in the offseason with the knowledge that he would be the main ball carrier and would be given every chance to succeed.  It is still unclear whether he will get goal line carries or they will go to Ernest Graham but even if Graham has the goal line carries, Ward will get plenty of work and should have plenty of value, especially in leagues that are yardage based or reception based.  The real problem with Ward is Tampa’s QB situation because it is still unclear who will win the job and how effective the passing game will be.  So if you are interest in Ward I would pay very close attention to who wins the QB position in Tampa Bay.  

3.  RASHARD MENDENHALL (RB):   Mendenhall’s rookie season was cut short by a broken shoulder courtesy of Baltimore’s Ray Lewis.  Big things are expected of Mendenhall during his second season primarily because starting RB Willie Parker has a history of being injury prone and is getting old.  I’m willing to bet that he misses at least 4-6 games this season.  Mendenhall is younger, bigger and stronger than Parker and may inherit goal line carries even with Parker healthy.  Regardless, it would be nice to have a RB on a team that loves to run the ball and since Mendenhall is being drafted late in both drafts makes a great value pick when you consider his upside.  He is definitely someone I have my eye on and you should have your eye on as well. 


4.  CHRIS HENRY (WR):   Henry has been with Bengals for several years now and it is no secret that he had his off-the-field issues which have slowed his progress on the field.  With Houshmanzadeh gone via free agency, the door is open for Henry to win a starting WR position with the Bengals.  His talent, speed and size combination, have always been evident to anyone who has watched him play; so much so that QB Carson Palmer refers to Henry as a baby Randy Moss.  The only question mark is:  Has Henry put the off-the-field issues to rest?  If he has, he could be one of the breakout WRs of the ’09 season.  I personally have had Henry on my teams in the past and am a fan of his talent.  I can just only hope that he is done with being suspended by the league. 


5.  ROBERT MEACHEM (WR):   Meacham had an injury-filled sub-par rookie season but has looked very good so far in training camp.  Some experts will shy away from him and say that he has too many people above him on the depth chart to make an impact this season.  I disagree.  I believe that he has a great QB, is in a great offensive system that loves to throw the ball, and in my opinion is the 3rd best receiver on the Saints.  I’m well aware of the fact that currently WR Henderson is 3rd on the depth chart with Meacham being 4th, but by the time the season starts Meacham should pass up Henderson for the 3rd position, and even given #2 starter Lance Moore a run for his money.  People seem to forget that Meacham is big, fast, and has the ability to catch long TD passes.  Bear this in mind if your league rewards long TDS. 


6.  BRENT CELEK (TE):   This guy has been flying under the radar for a while now but I don’t believe it will last much longer.  He is in a great offense with a QB that loves to throw the ball, but more importantly for him, all the receivers on the Eagles team are small and fast which will make Celek one of the few big targets down the field.  I believe he will be QB McNabb’s favorite target inside the red zone and should also collect plenty of balls running around the middle of the field just like LJ Smith used to do.  He may not have as many catches or yards as other TEs but I’m willing to bet he is in the top 5 in TD receptions by TEs by the end of the season.


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